Welcome to my personal Gemini capsule

Over the years, there have been many times when I have considered setting up my own little space on the internet. Now I've finally done it, I can share what I've been doing and other thoughts with friends, family and other like-minded people.

As of now, this capsule is a mirror of my blog, but on gemini. In the future, I would like to write some gemini specific content or publish things here first.

What are my interests?

I have a wide area of interests which include but are not limited to:

I’m fluent in English and Chinese and can understand Spanish at a push, but it’s been a long time since I have spoken it.

Blog posts

πŸ“… 12 Aug 2021 Premier League 2020/21 Predictions

πŸ“… 4 Jul 2021 Six months in - How are my goals for the year going?

πŸ“… 16 May 2021 An introduction to the fediverse

πŸ“… 16 Jan 2021 I'm Engaged

πŸ“… 30 Dec 2020 Is this a better way of doing New Year's Resolutions?

Football updates

I'm trying to score 100 goals in 2021. It's not going too well but check out my progress.

July 2021 - 2 games - 4 goals

June 2021 - 2 games - 6 goals

May 2021 - 3 games - 5 goals

April 2021 - 3 games - 7 goals

March 2021 - 3 games - 6 goals

February 2021 - 2 games - 6 goals

January 2021 - 2 games - 2 goals



- Email: mail@jiewawa.me

What's with the name?

Jiewawa is an affectionate nickname given to me by my wife's Chinese family. The name comes from the facts that my name starts with a 'J' and because I have a chihuahua. You can think of it as J-huahua, but it's pronounced je-wa-wa

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